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24/7 guest support

Never take a guest’s late-night phone call again—our Customer Experience team has it covered.

Premium cleaning

Trained housekeepers carry out consistent cleaning measures and disinfect thoroughly after each guest stay.

Dedicated local teams

A local property manager is always looking out for your home, conducting regular inspections and maintenance.

Effective marketing

We list your home on all the top booking sites, with eye-catching professional photos and a custom property description.


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Lodgistics Rentals


Our team is committed to giving you the best management experience. Our marketing team will ensure that your property is widely advertised to guests looking in your area. Your home will be closely supervised by our local management team; taking care of your guests and resolving any issues regarding your property. Cleaning, laundry, stocking, scheduling, communication with guests; it’s all taken care of.

Lodgistics Rentals managers are available for the needs of you and your guests. We will ensure that your home has well-worded listings posted online to attract guests. Once a guest books your place, we will contact them with information regarding their stay and answer any questions they have. Once they arrive, they will have access to our help at any time. After they check-out, our cleaning crew will clean, sanitize, launder, and re-stock all items. When your property isn’t occupied, a local manager will check on your home on a regular basis to ensure there are no problems.

As the owner of a successful vacation rental, you deserve to access your home at any time. Unlike many vacation rental management services, Lodgistics Rentals will not limit your time spent at your special place, nor will we charge you extra fees to stay.

You will not be expected to make a long-term commitment. If you are unhappy with your experience with Lodgistics Rentals, you can discontinue services at any time.

We do have our owners sign a business agreement to establish expectations between both parties.

We charge 30% of all rental income. This is calculated based on the nightly rates and not cleaning rates or taxes. We know the value of our services and we can ensure that you will be satisfied with your experience.

Currently, Logistics Rentals operates around the Idaho/Utah border near Bear Lake and in Island Park near West Yellowstone. You may qualify for our services if your rental is in:

  • Garden City, Utah
  • Fish Haven, Idaho
  • St. Charles, Idaho 
  • Bloomington, Idaho
  • Paris, Idaho
  • Logan, Utah

We understand that managing a vacation rental is plenty of work. With our services, you give us your home’s information and let us take care of the rest. We will handle all the logistics of your property including advertising, communication with guests, laundry, cleaning, stocking, maintenance, regular property checks, guest customer support, scheduling, and more. All you have to do is watch payments come into your account.

Since Lodgistics Rentals is committed to ensuring that your property will be clean for guests, we do not allow pets at the rentals under our management. With this policy, you will have no doubt that your guests have a clean and allergen-free stay.

Many condos have contracts with rental property management services. If you own a condo, check to see if your contract includes these services. If not, we are happy to assist you.

We use a software that is fully integrated with 50+ rental platforms including Airbnb, VRBO, Google Vacation Rentals, Expedia, Travelocity, and more. You can choose which platforms you would like us to advertise on, and we will create an appealing listing that attracts guests.

Lodgistics Rentals provides quality control with professional cleaning services. Cleaning crews are closely supervised during cleaning and they are not approved to leave until there has been a manager walk-through. All frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized after each check-out.

Guests can expect an accurate description of the vacation rental listing so they are well-informed of the amenities and features of the home. Communication is a priority at Lodgistics Rentals, which means guests will have quick and friendly responses. Upon arrival, they will find a clean, comfortable environment to relax in. They will have access to a 24/7 customer support phone number to reach a local manager. If there are problems, they will receive quick and efficient assistance over the phone or in person. From check-in to check-out, their experience will be smooth and enjoyable, the way it should be.

We focus on maximizing the most profitable opportunities for our clients. We aim to price your home at a nightly rate that will attract guests and put more money in your pocket. 

Pricing is carefully considered depending on your home’s amenities and local rate comparisons. The rates will fluctuate according to the “high-season”, “mid-season”, and “off-season” range that will be calculated for you.